Key Advantages


• Performance vs. Precision

• Precise Temperature Control: Enhanced treatment algorithm over the Arctic Sun 2000® Temperature Management System

• Improved Therapy Management: Patient trend indicator, instant status graph


• Rapid Clinician Training: Intelligent automation and built-in education tutorial

• Treatment Consistency: Stores and operates hospital-specific protocols

• Comprehensive Implementation Program: Arctic Circle™ Clinical Resource Program

Quality Control & Safety

• On-Screen Troubleshooting: Upgraded clinician alerts/safeguards

• Optimizes Patient Safety: Noninvasive automated treatment

• Therapy Tracking and Management: Access case data via USB port, stores last 10 cases

Cost Effectiveness

• Clinician Training Costs: Simple intuitive system helps reduce need for training costs

• Patient Care: Automated therapy provides optimal clinician-to-patient ratio

• Service and Maintenance: Easy to clean air filter, six months service cycle, modular construction, USB-delivered software upgrades