Initiate Treatment

• Select treatment
• Verify protocol
• Start treatment

Continue Current Patient

When a patient travels:
• Select Continue Current Patient
• Start treatment

Temperature Scale

Toggle between ºC and ºF

Stores and Operates
Hospital Protocols

Preprogram hospital protocols for hypothermia and normothermia

Simplified Rewarming

Option to initiate rewarming automatically following a cooling procedure

Customized Treatment

Option to easily adjust treatment parameters to fulfill physican’s orders

Upgraded Clinician Alerts/Safeguards

On-screen instruction to clear Alerts and Alarms

Advanced User Capabilities

• Download case data to USB port
• Stores last 10 cases

Improved Therapy Management

• Patient Trend Indicator
• Instant Status Graph

Built-in Training Tutorial

• Designed to increase staff competency
• Consise modules
• Helps reduce need for repeat training