Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle Training and Clinical Education has moved!

Dear Arctic Sun Customers,

We are thrilled to announce that the BD Arctic Sun™ (TTM) Video Education is available now and ready for customers to use in a new, improved online platform called BD Learning Compass. In addition to training for all Arctic Sun users, this system welcomes clinical educators to become Customer Learning Managers and assign the courses and view transcripts in BD Learning Compass. Customers may also download the content in SCORM format for use in their own learning management system if they choose. You can access BD Learning Compass via the following site:

New site: BD Learning Compass

If you haven’t visited us for BD Pyxis™, BD Alaris™ or BD MedMined™ training, review the detailed instructions for how to access Learning Compass.

PDF instructions: How to access Learning Compass

What’s New in the BD Arctic Sun™ Video Education

The BD Arctic Sun™ video education in BD Learning Compass replaces the education that was offered on the website. There are two Curricula in the system that organize content. This new system allows users to print or download a Certificate of Completion for each Curriculum.

About the new Curricula:

Arctic Sun 5000 Step 1: Training Video and Quiz - Nurse/Clinician (Required)

    • 24-Minute Arctic Sun 5000 Training Video, with a Quiz

    • Updated Information about Connectors and Distilled Water

    • When Completed, click Options and Display Completion Page

Arctic Sun 5000 Step 2: Reference Section (Optional)

    • Arctic Sun training video broken into brief individual topics for quick, focused review

    • Helpful reference materials such as quick reference guides and pad sizing charts

    • Huddlegrams on various Arctic Sun related topics (brief focused education pieces)

How to Preview the Content

To preview the content yourself before deciding how to assign it, click on the Title in the Featured Carousel, then click Request to add that curriculum to your transcript. Click Open Curriculum, and play the videos and quizzes.