Key Advantages

The propietary pads feature a thin hydrogel coating which ensures contact with the patient’s skin throughout the treatment. This facilitates a very efficient transfer of heat away from the body.

To initiate treatment, the pads are placed directly on the patient’s skin (two torso pads and two leg pads).

The Arctic Sun® Temperature Management System ensures rapid induction of the therapy. The skin-friendly ArcticGel™ Pads can typically be placed on the patient in 5-10 minutes. The pads require minimal body surface area coverage and do not interfere with patient care or vascular access for other treatments.

High Heat Transfer Efficiency

• Hydrogel Adherence: Fully conductive energy transfer pads mimic water immersion

• Patented Three-Layered Construction: Specifically designed to minimize thermal loss to the environment, provide rapid cooling and time sensitive control

• High-Velocity Water Flow:  maximizes heat transfer

• High density dimpled construction supports heavier patient weight, prevents low diversion

Quality Control and Safety

• Rapid Patient Access: Pads allow for full access to groin and chest

• Leak Proof Technology: If punctured, pads will not leak

• Patient Compatibility: pH neutral and safe for MRI, CT scan, X-ray, cath lab and defibrillation

Cost Effectiveness

• Nurse Initiated Therapy: Pads can be placed in minutes, treatment is automated

• Efficient Therapy Administration: Pads work in concert with the Arctic Sun® Temperature Management System to carry out protocol with precision

• Non-Invasive: Avoids risk of nosocomial infections associated with invasive cooling catheters